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Started on May 3, 2022. Modified on May 5, 2022.

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Personal Websites

Brian Lovin is a website built as a web-app. Very beautiful, with a lot of functionality, but also very complicated.

Nitin Pai is built using Blot and Nitin Pai’s Notes using Obsidian Publish

Mister Chad is another Obsidian Publish site, styled differently, but generally the same as Pai’s. is written in Markdown and converted to HTML using Pandoc, but with lots of features implemented in various ways.

Matthew Butterick is built using Pollen, and his own fonts.

Craig Mod is using Hugo, and his own styling and customizations.

Andy Mantuschak’s working notes is built using his own custom system. It renders to a nice website, but he’s keeping the underlying system a secret for now.

Linus Lee’s The Sephist is not very interesting as a site by itself, but his projects page lists a number of interesting things. He also has a stream that I think I want to replicate.

Simon Collison has an interesting site that has both an articles section and a stream.

Rob Weychert has a beautiful site, with lots of design details. His blog page is chockful of information, presenting a number of different ways to browse his writing. Each of his posts has tags, as well as a source, which I find intriguing.

Ethan Marcotte has a good-looking, but pretty standard site.

Color Themes

I’ve found that universities do a pretty good job of developing color themes, so they’re at least a good starting point. Some good ones I’ve found so far: